Paintings with fluency of Oil.

dated 2011 until 2011 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Man is such creation of God, whom he had made responsible to look after the whole earth (Happenings, life on earth). But once powers are in hand, man is acting quite illogically. Man is trying to turn everything with his wished flow (Black shading in direction of hand and same directional distracted figure of earth’s circle). Divine power of god is all, shown by metallic color’s cover and flame figures on each side of palm. Effect of man’s deeds is turning the earth to blow in form of magma, whose result will form a figure of blood, leaving all men behind dead. Fractional part of mixed deep colors is indication that in the case of such happening man can survive even in any other part of universe (As man is planning a living place for himself, somewhere on moon.) Same blow of volcano will effect on men’s life everywhere within our universe. In the case it is only God, who can save us. Moral - Think yourself, you are the responsible for your destiny.



Once man is bent on knees, He is no more for his life of morals. Lost with his hopes, is the man like a man, whose feet (Body Part, which make a man moving for his need), hands including neck and upper sensational parts, are amputated. This is the case, where colors(Symbol of hale emotions) in human life are scattered and mixed altogether in such way, as life look like a life of animal(Creature of four legs).



After long hours of work, when man come back to his house, family members all around (Wife in comfort, baby playing, other relatives mother, father, brother, sister in their leisure) make him feel that he is the king of universe, who has taken load of all responsibilities and He is the one, capable enough to perform any action sanctioned to him as a job towards his family. This feeling is such great, as man feel fluttering in big universe with own wishes and dreams to make them come true. When I am at Home, Universe is mine! IT MAKE ME FEEL…“I AM DIVINE” Scene of blue universe is depicting the fact, where white color is symbol of living beings.



Whenever two lips come to each-other, they make innate conventional bodies to feel flying in supernatural celestial atmosphere due to their loving act. Always the scenario is marked with some mystical references to those two individual feel the same feeling… likewise a star above and universe around them and appreciating to their love.



Cruelty of man made him the killer. For his greediness he is acting very cunningly. Pretending him as the powerful (like sun) every rich is acting as if he is the one, who want to support poor with his money (white light). But fact is much hidden in form of string of debt and such more, which always suck (poor) man’s body to turn him into skeleton of bones. This is the process, which remains continue because of happiness of rich people (which are powerful) this trend keep continue to spoil the generations of poor, pitiable and unfortunate.